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Quality and affordability

We specialize in the fabrication of solid wood Telecaster guitar bodies.  We can make them from just about any type of hardwood with various pickup configurations.  We offer quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.  Read the testimonials to see what satisfied customers say about our Telecaster bodies.

Customer focused

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  We are always striving to improve our customer service and will do what it takes.  If something isn't right, we'll fix it.  We have built a loyal customer base and continue to expand it with each and every guitar body we ship.

Personalized approach

We always welcome requests for custom work and do our best to make it happen.  We work with each customer until we understand exactly what they are looking for in a guitar body.  We share advice on finishing bodies when we can and love to see customer's finished guitar builds using our bodies.

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